Breaking news on Canada’s prime interest rate

Breaking News! The interest rate cut might send the already unaffordable housing market into frenzy throughout Lower Mainland. However, it might do exactly the opposite to people in Alberta since the cut reflects Bank of Canada’s concern over a severe budget shortfall of as much as 7 billion dollars for 2016 for Albertans. The massive unemployment ensues will severely impact its local economy – or even its housing market.

重大消息! 加拿大央行決定再次下修主要隔夜拆款利率,這非常有可能會惡化已經瘋狂的溫哥華房市。然而對於亞伯大人民來說,卻是一個警訊,因為這赤裸裸反映加國央行對於油業的悲觀看法。央行甚至估計亞伯大省的稅收短缺70億加圓。更糟的可能是大量的失業。 (694)

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