BC省最超值的房屋? BC’s best real estate bargain?!

Boston Bar自上次的Chilliwack免費屋之後,BC地方政府再度推出震撼好禮,你指要花一元就可以擁有一棟古色古香的建築物! 但是,天下沒有白吃的午餐。這兩棟位於Boston Bar的古蹟,一棟的確只要一元。但是,新屋主有個必須履行的條件: 需要恢復此古蹟往日風貌,估價大約要十萬,且必須一直維持這風貌。BC省非沙河谷Boston Bar地區主任Lloyd Forman的想法是,既然我們都免費給了,屋主當然有義務恢復這古蹟的往日風貌。但是,交屋前,新屋主一定要把這房屋整修好。



In possibly the biggest B.C. real estate bargain since last year’s offer of a free house in Chilliwack, two heritage homes in Boston Bar are available to buy for just $1 each.

“One dollar?” we hear you exclaim. Yes, that’s right. But, just like with the Chilliwack deal, there’s a catch. A pretty big catch, actually: whoever buys the properties will be stuck with an estimated $100,000 in repairs, and will be obliged to keep their historic structure intact.

Preserving the homes’ heritage value is paramount for the Fraser Valley Regional District, hence the practical giveaway, Lloyd Forman, regional director for Boston Bar, told The Huffington Post B.C.

“We’re not going to transfer [them] until we see the exterior basically done,” Forman added.

The houses, built in 1915 for Canadian Pacific Railway employees, were last inhabited around the late 1970s/early 80s, and have since fallen into disrepair. There were originally eight of them but six have been demolished.

Approximately 1,100 square feet in size, the properties are in predictably rough shape, but benefit, Forman notes, from a frame of very strong first-growth fir. They are hooked up to the municipal water and sewer system so no infrastructural work is required.

Interest from possible buyers has been strong so far, with three written offers and four more expressions of interest already submitted.

It may, however, be some time before a purchase can be completed. The properties are being sold through a Request for Proposals process, and Forman said it could be April before any actual bids are considered.

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